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Shopping for airsoft rifles scopes from our select range is easy, we stock scopes suitable for AEG's and sniper rifles. They are constructed from metal with finely ground lenses to give a crystal clear view of your target. The adjustable zoom airsoft scopes are available in sizes 3-9x40 or 3-9x32, (40 and 32 number refers to the height of the lens in MM) Our full range also includes halo sights, ACOG scopes and electronic scopes with variable green and red dots. 

Airsoft scope protector

Protect your precious scope lens from direct hits with the Swiss Arms lens shield, it's clear and folds down when you don't need it. The added benefit of protecting your scope is that you no longer have to worry about lens damage from a sniper, now you can get into the zone and land your shots.

Airsoft scope mounts

Most airsoft guns use a 20mm weaver rail, this is unique to airsoft and means that airsoft items cannot be attached to real firearms and vice versa. We sell standard and high mounts, which connect to the scopes 1 inch diametre central tube.

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