Nuprol Raven EU18 G18 Gen4 GBB Airsoft Pistol

By Nuprol RGP-01-01
  • Nuprol EU18 Raven G18 Gen4  Full Auto Gas Airsoft Pistol  2-Tone
  • Nuprol EU18 Raven G18 Gen4  Full Auto Gas Airsoft Pistol  2-Tone
  • Nuprol EU18 Raven G18 Gen4  Full Auto Gas Airsoft Pistol  2-Tone
  • Nuprol EU18 Raven G18 Gen4  Full Auto Gas Airsoft Pistol  2-Tone
  • Nuprol EU18 Raven G18 Gen4  Full Auto Gas Airsoft Pistol  2-Tone
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A Gas blowback with full auto fire & metal slide

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About This Product

The full auto EU series 18 from Nuprol Raven is a part metal, green gas compatible airsoft pistol, our stock is already two toned in UK legal blue. It has the rectangular styling of a G18 and will fit in the Nuprol Glock holsters. Components and magazines are fully interchangeable with the WE G-series branded version. The fire mode selection lever is now coloured black.
What makes the airsoft G18 so popular is that  you can flick the mode over to fully automatic and just hold down the trigger, it will keep on firing until the magazine is empty with a realistic recoil action with each shot. The top-slide locks back after the last shot is fired so when a full mag is inserted the pistol automatically chambers the first round when you release the catch. Due to the ergonomic design shooting and reloading is fast, that is why you see so many of these and the WE branded version at skirmishes.
With full auto GBB like the Raven EU18, firing multiple magazines in full auto in a very short time can lead to a momentary drop in velocity due to the rapid cool down effect from decompressing gas used with each shot.
Gas airsoft guns  require occasional cleaning and the application of  silicone grease where there is metal on metal contact such as the mounts for the slide. This is a simple process on the Raven EU18 as you simply remove the mag and pull down the slide release catch and the main components can be accessed without displacing them, this field stripping feature is just like on the real thing. Applying silicone oil to the magazine o-ring valve seals once a month reduces the chances of leaks, again this is a quick procedure, just unscrew the valve with a flat head screwdriver.

As an optional £10 extra you can choose to add 5000 BAW Ultra Grade 0.20g BB and a 760ml cannister of Puff Dino green gas saving £6.94 over purchasing all these items separately.

WARNING: This item is only available to persons aged 18 and over. It is a criminal offence for a person under the age of 18 to attempt to purchase

  • 40 metre range
  • Metal topslide - painted blue (green gas compatible)
  • Metal internals
  • Metal CNC lathed 9cm inner barrel
  • Metal reinforced polymer frame
  • 1/1 scale
  • 20.02cm long
  • Metal magazine, holds 24+1 B
  • Compatible with G-series Gas and Co2 mags
  • 11mm clockwise barrel thread
  • 300 fps approx, using 0.20g
  • Topslide locks back when mags is emptied
  • Gas recoil, blow-back action
  • Fully auto and semi-auto
  • Trigger mounted safety
  • Realistically Fields strips into 4 mains sections
  • Weaver rail in front of trigger guard
  • Standard square sights with white outline
  • Weighs 800g approx
  • Adjustable hop up
  • Textured grip
  • Premium version - manufactured in Taiwan by Nuprol

Accessories included:
  • Includes 100 BB pellets (approx)
  • Instruction manual
  • 2 different sized back straps
  • Spare nozzle
  • Replacement o-ring seals

Optional extras
  • 5000 BAW competition spec 0.20g 6mm BB
  • Puff Dino green gas
**Use only ultra grade BBs with this item, 0.20g recommended**
Nuprol is a large European company that has many different types of airsoft accessories and guns, their Raven range offers WE specifica . We offer fast delivery and we aim to supply you with your item within 2 working days. E&OE.

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