HFC 30cm Large Non-Drying Gel Airsoft Target


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Made for airsoft BB guns, your shots will stick to the surface then can be brushed off into the catchment tray

Sorry, this item is out of stock

About This Product

Large target with a sticky gel surface. Includes a stand or can be wall mounted. The gel is specially formulated it stays sticky and can be washed. The plastic is fairly tough but if your going to use a 400 fps rifle that shoots holes straight through coke cans then make sure you place this far enough away to stop the edge getting chipped.

  • Reusable washable gel surface
  • 30 cm wide
  • Holds BB in place then just wipe them off
  • Includes stand and catchment tray

Softair guns use plastic 6mm bb pellets as ammunition, these accessories are not suitable for airguns or paintball. We offer fast delivery as standard. We aim to supply you with your item within 2 working days although the postal system can some times be less fast than that. E&OE

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