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Airsoft Goggles UK

Airsoft safety goggles and eye protection with fast UK shipping. View our range of CE EN166 and ANSIZ87.1 safety standard compliant eye protection. We stock many different designs, some are suitable for airsofters who wear prescription glasses. If you are concerned about the lenses misting up we sell goggles with anti-fog vents that allow fresh air in while keeping out airsoft shots.  

Airsoft Face Protection UK

Our shop shop sells a different types of face protection for airsoft use. Half face masks cover the lower face, protecting the cheeks, mouth, chin and nose from plastic 6mm BB pellets. The lower face shields are made from steel mesh with a comfortable surround, they have a small amount of flex so they can be formed to fit a variety of face shapes. In addition we have for sale ABS plastic full face masks and a complete head protection mask with a neck guard.

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