Gas, Co2 & Silicone Oil

Airsoft Gas For Sale

Using high quality airsoft gas in your GBB is must. Achieve the best power and performance with our range of airsoft gas, suitable for metal and plastic gas guns in various weather conditions. The standard propellant is green gas this is used in GBB guns that have a metal slide or internals. The green gas we stock is from leading manufacturers Puff Dino, Abbey and Nuprol. They have silicone oil added which keeps seals and o-rings in top condition. We sell these in discounted bundles. In general a magazine needs to be gassed up every 3 reloads.  

Airsoft Co2 Capsules

Standard size, 12g Co2 capsules for airsoft guns. These are high quality and sold in bulk (batches of 10 and 20). They are thread-less and fit so fit without modification, you'll get between 100 and 200 shots depending on the power & weight of your co2 powered airsoft gun.

Abbey Silicone Oil and Grease

Abbey formulate the best lubricants for airsoft guns. Choose between metal on plastic or metal on metal grease which reduce energy sapping friction thus maximising FPS. Silicone oil is ideal for protecting valves from freezing gas. We only stock the best silicone based airsoft oil and greases, they are a great investment for any airsoft gun owner and they will help to prolong the life of your airsoft armoury.

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