Gas & Co2 Pistols

Our most popular type of airsoft gun due to the low price deals we offer. Each Gas and Co2 pistol in our shop can be purchased with loads of ammo and propellant for just £10 extra so you can be shooting within minutes of delivery. We stock established brands like WE and KWC, these companies use quality metal internals and topslides to ensure your gun lasts. Well made components are particularly important with Co2 and green gas powered BB guns.  

Gas Airsoft Guns UK

Used most frequently by experienced skirmishers these simulate the action of the real thing in a variety of ways, for instance they can be field stripped and the topslide will lock back once the last BB is fired to hold the ejection port open. We make sure that these high grade guns can be used with green gas, which is a fuel that will give you a velocity of around 1 joule. The gas reservoir is built into the magazine, this has metal valves so compression is not lost during reloading.

Co2 Airsoft Guns UK

These two tone pistols are for sale at a cheap price while keeping the quality high. This type has many of the same features as a gas gun but have slightly more power and will be more consistent in cold weather. They use a 12g capsule that is held in the magazine. Pro airsoft players choose these when carrying a large canister into a skirmish is not practical.

Gas Blowback Pistols (GBB)

The most fun and realistic type, airsoft handguns that have this feature use propellant to simulate the gun shot recoil. Both Co2 and gas guns can have this feature and the effect is impressive. We make sure all the GBB we stock have tough metal components due to the extra internal complexity compared to non-blowback guns (NBB), another good reason why you will only find established brands in our shop.

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