Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship items to outside of the UK?
Unfortunately we do not. Delivery is only available to UK addresses, we cannot ship to GY or JE postcodes.

Who is allowed to buy a two-tone BB gun?
To buy one you must be at least 18 years old, we run checks on the identity of the purchaser. As our softair guns are partly brightly coloured you do not need any form of license or UKARA membership. These items are not air guns or firearms and are designed for skirmishing & garden play.

What happens if I'm not at home to accept the parcel?
If your not at home when the courier tries to deliver your parcel you can arrange the following solutions: have it delivered on another day or collect it from your local post office or ask for the parcel to be left with a neighbor or collect the parcel from your local depot. If you are not immediately available the courier can store the parcel for you for up to 21 days (7 days with Royal Mail) before returning to sender. Further information can be found on our delivery page.

How do I track my order?
Our order system will email you a tracking number when your order is processed. You can track the progress of your order by entering you email address and receipt number into the login at the top of the page.

When will I receive my tracking number?
You should receive your receipt tracking number within a few minutes of placing your order. Please check your "junk folder" or "deleted items" as the the tracking email may have been marked as spam.
For larger orders sent by Parcel Force you'll receive a separate tracking email from them that provides near real time tracking.

How long will my order take to arrive?
Deliveries generally take 1 to 3 working days for most of the UK mainland, for delivery times to the Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland please see the delivery information page. The majority of orders are delivered within this estimated timescale. If your item does not arrive within this timescale please contact us and we will contact the courier.

Which delivery companies do you use?
For larger items our primary courier is Parcel Force. For smaller, low value items we use Hermes tracked and Royal Mail recorded delivery.

Can I collect my order from your warehouse?
We are unable to offer this service. Geniestuff is a mail order company with a dispatch centre and offices, we do not have a customer collections department. This means that we can be more streamlined thus keeping costs down, which in turns means we can pass these savings onto the customer. All queries can be dealt with most effectively via email.

How long do you take to reply to emails?
We generally respond to your email within 1 working day, we often reply sooner depending on how many inquiries we have.

I've emailed you but had no response, what's happened?
Our response to your email may have been marked as spam by your email provider. Please check your "deleted items" or "junk folder" just in case our email has been sent straight to your spam folder, alternatively after 24 hours please resend your email.

Can you ship the order to a alternative delivery address?
Yes, we can deliver to a different place such to your place of work.

Can I order by telephone?
Yes, we will be happy to take your order via our sales line - 01279 461164, during busy periods you may not be able to get through, therefore we recommend placing your order through our website to avoid delays.

Is my personal information secure? 
Yes we do not sell, donate or lend your data to any third parties. We will not send you advertising or spam. We only use the information you supply us to facilitate the delivery of genuine, valid orders.

Are my credit/debit card details safe?
Yes, for peace of mind we have decided to use Barclays EPDQ service to handle credit/debit card processing, Barclays Merchant services are a industry leader in credit card processing and security using the latest 256 bit TLS SSL (secure socket layer) encryption and are fully compliant with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

What safety precautions should I take when using airsoft guns?
Details of the safety tips can be found here.

What are the different types of airsoft guns?
There are several types that cater for user requirements in different scenarios, these use different methods to power them. These types are AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns), LPEG (low power electric guns), AEP (Automatic Electric Pistol), GBB (Gas Blow Back), Co2 powered, spring action, pump action and bolt action.

What is an AEG?
Automatic electric guns (abbreviated to AEG) are the primary weapon for most airsoft players in a skirmish. The most commonly used are airsoft versions of the AK47, M4, G36c and MP5. Powered by a battery driving an electric motor, a gearbox then turns the rotation from the motor into a reciprocating action. This action compresses a spring that, as it releases pushes compressed air out of a piston that in turn launches the BB.
Read more...airsoft type 2 gearbox diagram
Typically 8.4 volt mini type rechargeable batteries are used, with either the front or rear stock of the gun acting as the battery compartment, one battery should last the whole day although it's a good idea to bring a spare. 'Skirmish ready' guns will have metal gears and many metal components in order to withstand the stresses and strains of professional airsofting.
A.E.G.s commonly have power of 1 joule / 330 fps, giving a range of up to 50 metres. They fire in either semi automatic (pull the trigger and one shot is fired) or fully automatic (pull the trigger and there will be continuous shots until the trigger is released). Rates of fire vary from 300 to 1500 rounds per minute depending on the model used.
There is a large amount of spares and upgrades available for both internal and external improvements. Many rifles of this type will have a weaver rail, this is the standard 20 mm wide airsoft rail for fitting scopes or torches.

What is an LPEG?
This stands for Low Powered Electric Gun, these are budget airsoft BB guns intended for back garden shooting. Typically half the power of AEG's and designed to shoot 0.12g BB, not the match standard 0.20g. The internals are mostly plastic with plastic gears and few internal upgrades are available.
They are great fun if you are on a budget and want to shoot targets around 25 metres away. Costing approximately 50 pounds they usually include a battery, charger and ammo. Recently a higher spec of LPEG has been launched, these have similar looking internals as an AEG but produced in plastic rather than metal with the ability to shoot 0.20g BB at around 230 fps.

What is an EAP?
EAP (electric automatic pistol), these side arms are a fairly recent development. They use a 7.2 volt rechargeable battery and metal gearbox to propel a 0.20g BB to around 230 FPS in both semi and full auto in various weather conditions, unlike gas powered guns which can lose velocity when they get cold.
Innovations from Tokyo Marui in Japan made it possible to squeeze all the necessary components into a pistols small form factor, one of the trade-offs being the topslide will not have the recoil effect of real firearm or GBB as that section is used as the battery compartment.
These pistols are extremely useful for close quarter combat or as a back up for snipers. The most popular models are the Glock 18c and Desert Eagle.

What are Gas Blowback (GBB) and Co2 Guns?
Gas blow back pistols use propellants such as airsoft green gas or HFC-132a. Green gas has the highest pressure and can only be used with guns that have metal internals/top-slide. The gas is transferred from a canister to an internal expansion tank mounted in the magazine, when the trigger is pulled the gas released will propel the BB and with GBB pistols it will also result in a realistic top slide recoil effect.
Gas airsoft pistols are generally more powerful than EAP side arms, in warm weather they can reach a muzzle velocity around 330 fps. This power and the impressive blowback effect makes them a particular favorite among airsofters.
Read more... The disadvantage of using gas is the loss of performance in cold conditions. Winter weather or rapid firing will lead to a drop in FPS and capacity as the freezing effect takes hold. It is important to keep gas components maintained, applying silicone oil to rubber seals will extend their life. This extra care needed makes gas powered airsoft guns more suitable for intermediate and experienced players.
airsoft gearbox instruction diagram Co2 is more user friendly and slightly less susceptible to harsh weather conditions, you get around 100 to 150 shots per 12g capsule, a recoil feature will reduce the amount of shots as extra Co2 is drawn from the capsule to move the topslide. These capsules are held inside the magazine, they take up little space, negating the need to walk around with a canister between refills. However it does take around 30 seconds to replace a capsule and 30 seconds can feel like a long time while you're under fire at a skirmish. A great feature with many of these pistols is that exit valve connecting the magazine to the firing mechanism is the same, meaning a Co2 gun can become gas powered simply by changing over to a compatible gas mag.

How do spring action (springer) pistols work?
The cheapest and most basic form of softair gun, these are commonly referred to as BB guns. Potential energy is held in a spring once it's compressed, this is done by cocking the pistol prior to each shot. This manual priming of the spring must be done before every shot, these pistols will not fire in fully automatic and will not have a recoil effect.
Normally the body is constructed from a plastic such as ABS in order to keep the cost down, to reduce wear on the components the power is generally around 200 fps using 0.20g however it is recommended that only 0.12g BB is used. While these budget items have their limitations they are useful for target shooting, particularly if you're just starting out and want to improve your skills with a bit of back garden plinking.

How do pump action shotguns work?
Generally speaking airsoft shotguns use an internal spring driven air cylinder to provide velocity to the BB. They do not require batteries or Co2 capsules for power, simply pull back the pump action grip and you compress the spring, pushing it forward will then chamber a single BB. This design makes them easier to prime than a pistol, which in turn means less stress on the internals. This simple and effective mechanism gives allot of bang for your buck.
More advanced designs such as the Double Eagle M56 series, have 3 internal barrels for a more realistic shotgun blast effect, it's harder to prime the cocking mechanism compared to a single shot version but the trade off is worth it.

What are bolt / spring action rifles
Airsoft sniper rifles are the favoured tool of a skilled marksman. Staying composed and developing your ability to read the battle ground will result in hits on moving targets at over 70 metres, of course a decent rifle such as the L96 is vital as well. Internally the components are made from metal to withstand the stress of the higher velocity. Barrels and air cylinder are manufactured using a precision CNC lathe so little compression is lost.
Unlike the real thing, airsoft rifles do not have rifled barrels to impart spin on the BB, instead an accurate spin up effect is created using the hop-up unit. Small adjustments to the hop-up can dramatically improve accuracy, the amount of adjustment needed will vary according to the weight of BB used.
The most powerful and accurate type of airsoft gun are bolt action rifles, these can have a muzzle velocity of 450 fps as standard. They require the bolt to be pulled back in-between shots, this mechanical action is deliberately designed to be low noise in order to keep the sniper hidden. The larger rifles lend themselves to the 'camping' style of game play, with a bi-pod deployed a player can lay prone in a hidden position waiting for the right moment to shoot.


Airsoft Safety

Do not alter the appearance of your Airsoft gun
The VCR act has made it illegal to modify the appearance of a two tone airsoft gun (i.e. spray black). A airsoft gun that is no longer brightly coloured can be viewed as a realistic imitation firearm, possession of which can lead to arrest and a custodial sentence unless you qualify for exemption under the VCR act. For peace of mind just keep your airsoft gun two tone.

Always read the instructions carefully before use
While most airsoft guns are straightforward to use, each will have their own unique to attributes such as battery charge time, how to adjust the hop up etc. A 5 minute read can save an hour of confusion.

Always wear protective goggles or mask when using or are in the vicinity of a Airsoft gun
You only get one pair of eyes, don't risk them by assuming your airsoft gun isn't loaded. Even with the magazine removed there may still be a BB in the chamber.
When firing a pellet, it can deflect back at you in unpredictable ways. We recommend getting into the habit of tapping your goggles/mask before you pick up your gun so your sure they're being worn.

Never look down the barrel or point the Air Soft bbgun at yourself
If you suspect a BB is jammed in the barrel never look down it to check. First remove the magazine, then if applicable set the hop-up to open/loose, lastly use a barrel clearing rod to push the stuck BB back down the barrel until it falls out the magazine well.

Never brandish your gun in a public place or a public highway
The brightly coloured sections of your airsoft gun should distinguish it from a real firearm in most cases however this is no guarantee that every member of public will see it that way, so do not walk down the street holding a fake gun. It is best to transport it inside a padded carry case, unloaded and out of sight. 

Only shoot on land where you have permission to do so
Please ask the landowners permission before firing your airsoft gun and use a sufficient backstop so BB is not fired onto land you do have permission to fire at (i.e. neighbours garden or council owned field)

Be sure to switch off the safety catch before pulling the trigger
Pulling the trigger while in safety mode can cause physical damage to the mechanism which is not covered by the warranty. Just like with real firearms the safety mechasim is designed to prevent accidental firing not to withstand a brute force trigger pull. 

Never leave your loaded Airsoft gun unattended and keep out of reach of young children
Once your gun is ready for action, keep an eye on it. It is your responsibility to ensure curious onlookers don't pick up it up and brandish it.

Store your Airsoft gun where no unauthorised persion can access it and remove all ammo
We recommend storing inside a carry case and keep any ammo (and batteries if applicable) seperate for added peace of mind.

Always pay attention to the direction your Airsoft gun is pointing
Carry the gun with the barrel pointed straight down and only raise it to shoot at a target. Before firing double check where other people are located.

Never use low grade BB or reuse fired BB
To prevent gun jams never use low quality BB pellets or fire any object apart from the correct 6mm BB pellets.
Pellets will distort on impact so do not use them again, the use of incorrect or low grade ammunition will invalidate your warranty.


Free delivery offer

Free 1 to 3 working day delivery when you spend over £100
Once you spend £100 or more you will not be charged for delivery. Your order will be sent using our normal tracked and insured dispatch method via Parcel Force and a tracking email will be sent to you. Delivery timescales are for most of the UK mainland apart from the Scottish Highlands which can take an additional day or two. Deliveries to Northern Ireland can also take a couple of extra days. 
This promotion is an offer and does not represent a binding contract and can be withdrawn at any time without notice. E&OE


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