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Browse our shop for the in demand electric airsoft pistols finished in UK legal two tone, they are powered by a micro battery that is located in the top half of the pistol and fit a metal gearbox in the handle. We sell the most popular AEP's like the Cyma CM030 and the Desert Eagle CM121, each of these airsoft bb pistols include a battery and charger.  

Electric BB Pistols For Sale

Airsoft skirmishers usually choose to buy a electric pistol instead of a gas gun as the velocity does not dip in really cold weather and you don't need to carry a cannister around with you, one battery charge usually lasts a whole day and spares take up little space. Lower priced battery powered BB handguns are approximately half the power of a skirmish grade AEP and have a plastic gearbox instead of metal, great for indoor target shooting.

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