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This category includes Cybergun Airsoft pistols that are officially licensed by airsoft pistols. They are made from strong, transparent polycarbonate and have the correct trademarks and logo's from the worlds leading firearm companies such as Colt, Smith & Wesson and Magnum Research Inc the manufacturers of the Desert Eagle. Designed for back garden target shooting, they use the manual spring power system that gives simple, consistent performance. Official BB Guns are made to high standard so famous names are happy to lend their name to them.  

Clear Airsoft Guns UK

Clear airsoft pistols can be purchased by anyone in the UK aged 18 or over, we generally dispatch these using Royal Mail. No special license is required as the transparent body qualifies them as a 'two tone'. A clear pistol shows the internal components, the main spring will by noticeably shorter when primed to fire, seeing the internals at work can be fascinating for the technically minded.

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