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Cheap BB rifles for sale

Here at Genie Stuff with have many impressive, entry level airsoft BB rifles at cheap prices. Our shop has a wide range and we have been established for years. This section lists our 2-tone, spring action rifles that are designed for garden and indoor shooting rather than skirmishing. The low price of these guns is mainly due them using a spring action mechanism, this simple design is great for the backyard target shooter. To power these budget airsoft rifles you just pull back the cocking handle before each shot. 

Buy cheap airsoft rifles UK

We now have the spring action Cyma SCAR L with a blue polymer body, it looks great and has a folding stock. Check out the other exciting replicas styled on famous machine guns such as the MP5, MP40, G36 and L85. All are full size and in UK legal colours, they are made from tough polymers and have decent power so remember to always wear your goggles. We regularly stock new releases and dispatch your order fast.

Best budget BB sniper rifle

The best airsoft BB sniper rifle in the budget price range is probably the Bison 701 SVD, this is based on the Russian Dragunov gun and is 1.2 metres long with over 450 FPS power. It can use the heavier 0.20g airsoft BB, you will need a big garden with this one, it's a massively powerful bolt action budget rifle and it even has a few metal internals.

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