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Cheap Electric BB Guns UK

For over 10 years we have sold electric airsoft BB guns, we choose the best products based on our years of experience. These fully automatic, rapid fire cheap electric bb guns we sell are great quality, inside and out and include the complete kit for getting you into the fight! Each rifle is supplied with a UK charger and rechargeable battery and ammo. Each one is designed to shoot around 25 metres instead of 50 or more metres that a expensive AEG will manage. This lower power means they are great for battling around the garden and they are enormous fun without parting with much cash.

BB Machine Gun in UK 2-Tone Colours

Our BB machine guns fire rapidly in fully automatic mode, just keep the trigger held down and spray a whole mag full of BB at your target. The batteries have enough power to usually last a whole day between charges so you can fire hundreds of rounds from your Uzi, M4, MP5 or AK47 replica. Each electric machine gun we sell is fully compliant with UK law, you don't need a license to buy one as they are partly brightly coloured.

Electric BB Rifles For Sale

Browse our online shop for electric BB rifles, you will find for sale popular rifles like the Double Eagle M83 M4 and similar guns like the M82. Each one is styled on a well known gun and most include a range of accessories like a toy silencer, front grip and scope to give it a special forces appearance. We ship promptly and UK mainland orders are received within 3 working days, the Highlands may take 1 or 2 days longer. Delivery charge is only £1.99 or free if you spend over £100.

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