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Airsoft Batteries for a AEG or AEP

Looking for a rechargeable airsoft battery for your airsoft gun? Then you'll find one suitable in our online shop. We only stock high quality batteries from top reviewed manufacturers such as Vapex (VP Racing) and Tokyo Marui, all for sale at low prices. Check out the range, if you need a 7.2v micro battery for a AEP, or an AEG battery in either 8.4 or 9.6 voltage we have something suitable. One charge should last all day but it's always good to have a backup battery.  

Airsoft Smart Chargers UK

These great value chargers are designed for UK mains sockets, they have built in circuitry that constantly monitors the battery and will reduce the charge down to a trickle once the battery is fully charged, this takes some of the guess out of it and maximises the lifespan of your battery. As these intelligent devices do not switch off entirely we still do not recommend charging overnight. Each uses the mini-Tamiya connector unless otherwise stated.

Airsoft Batteries Explained

Battery type - There are 3 main types of AEG gun battery, each stack their power cells in a different layout to suit the varied shape of battery compartment.
The mini type: the most conventional shape, the cells are laid out end to end in two rows.
The crane stock / nun-chuck type: the cells are in two physically separate columns, only joined at the end by the battery cable. This makes it the most versatile shape as it can be arranged to sit either side of a barrel in the foregrip on a M4 or installed in a compartment designed for a mini type battery.
The stick type: Many AK AEG types use this type, these install in the receiver above the trigger and sit along its length. The cells are stacked in a single, long column.

Battery connector – The most common connector is the mini-tamiya type, virtually all AEGs use this as standard. Originally developed for radio controlled cars, the locking catch and small size make them ideal for airsofting.

Charge time – It is important not to over charge your BB gun battery and leaving one recharging for an excessive amount of time should be avoided. To calculate the ideal charging time use the following formula: Battery capacity (the mAh number) divided by the chargers mAh output multiplied by 1.4, this will give you the charge time in hours.

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