Ares Amoeba Striker AS01 Blue Airsoft Sniper Rifle

By Ares AS01
  • Ares Amoeba Striker AS01 Blue Airsoft Sniper Rifle
  • Ares Amoeba Striker AS01 Blue Airsoft Sniper Rifle
  • Ares Amoeba Striker AS01 Blue Airsoft Sniper Rifle
  • Ares Amoeba Striker AS01 Blue Airsoft Sniper Rifle
  • Ares Amoeba Striker AS01 Blue Airsoft Sniper Rifle
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We have scope and bi-pod bundles available as add-on options

Sorry, this item is out of stock
About This Product
Ready to go in UK legal two tone for £159.89. The innovative Striker S1 airsoft gun from Amoeba is the one that everyone seems to be talking about, Amoeba want to establish themselves in the airsoft world and they are doing a good job so far. It may even take the crown away from the legendary V3 MB01 L96 for decent sniping in this price range, time will tell!
We like the little additions such as the pistol grip cover acts as a store for allen keys, you can quickly remove the trigger guard to adjust the trigger pull, it can be upgraded using AEG size springs & VSR barrels. Having said that, it doesn't need any upgrades in our opinion as it has a tight-bore barrel and 400 FPS velocity.
As standard it does not include a scope or a bi-pod, they can be added for £20 each. This is great value as the bi-pod on its own usually costs £38.99.
To fit the bi-pod to the stud mount first remove the 2cm rubber tube that is connected to the cylindrical 'teeth' on the bi-pod grip, then push these 'teeth' into either side of the rifle's stud mount and turn the dial underneath until it grips tightly.
The scope is decent quality, made from metal and has 3-9x40 lenses. The manufacturer lists these as shock and recoil proof that are coated to make them fog and water proof.  


WARNING: This item is only available to persons aged 18 and over. It is a criminal offence for a person under the age of 18 to attempt to purchase

  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • 1/1 scale
  • 400 FPS velocity using 0.20g (approx)
  • Compatible with VSR 10 barrels & hop up bucking
  • Up to 50 metre range
  • Short pull metal bolt action
  • Load indicator
  • "Revolutionary" direct feed system to prevent jams
  • Metal internals, upper receiver, barrel and bolt action
  • CNC lathed brass 55cm inner barrel (6.03mm tight-bore)
  • Reinforced nylon polymer stock painted UK legal blue
  • Metal bipod stud mount
  • Metal sling loop
  • 108.5 cm long
  • Weighs 2.35 KG
  • Suitable for both left & right handed users
  • Interchangeable pistol grip & cheek pad
  • Built in RIS/weaver rail (standard 20mm wide)
  • Fully adjustable trigger pull
  • Uses an AEG spring for easy velocity modification
  • 45 BB spring loaded, nylon polymer magazine
  • Use high quality 0.20g to 0.30g BB
  • Adjustable, precision hop up system for extra range
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Safety catch

Accessories included:
  • Hex keys (held inside pistol grip)
  • Instruction manual

Optional extras:
  • Bulldog pro, harris style bipod
  • 3-9x40 scope with mounts
**Use only ultra grade BBs with this item, 0.20g to 0.30g recommended**
This two tone item complies fully with VCR regulations, this item is not classed as a air weapon and you do not need a licence or UKARA to purchase it, however you must be aged 18 or over. Amoeba is company owned by Ares, they have gained a reputation in many reviews for innovation and patent many of these ideas. E&OE
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I got this rife as a starter rifle as I have had a look and have seen a lot of upgrading parts for it. Was Weeley packed and has all clear instructions and don't mind the blue colour. All in all a good rifle to start with

Steventbuck | Huntingdon | February 2018

Fast delivery. The rifle shoots at 420 so well pleased, it actually exceeds the makers claims.This is exceptional value for money and free postage.

Thanks Genie

Alan | East Hanningfield, Essex | September 2017

First off I would like to say that I have been playing airsoft now for going on 13 years. I have bought and run a lot RIF's and kit in the field during that time and have had some really bad service from stockists in the past. I am pleased to report that is was not one of those bad experiences! In fact it was a pleasure ordering from Geniestuff and I will be doing so again in the near future. In terms of service it was easy and straight forward to order, there were no unforseen complications. My order shipped and was delivered in exceptional time. I received exactly what I had ordered in good working condition as one would expect and the value for money is spot on. I could not find the Striker cheaper anywhere else nor any accessories for that matter. I requested the sprayed two tone regal blue as this option was cheaper than standard model even though most suppliers often charge a fee for two tone. The rifle, I am extremely happy with. It is fulfilling my expectations after having the opportunity to run in at Ground Zero's National Airsoft Festival in Hampshire this gone bank holiday weekend. NOTE - First time buyers/players BEWARE. For the most part any online reviews you can find regarding the Amoeba Striker series give a very accurate image of what you are buying and how it will perform once you have it but a lot of reviewers suggest this gun is noob friendly. I wouldn't say that is the case on the basis each gun that ships has a number of parts that even with the tiniest defect can cause havoc for the gun and it's user. With the striker the over all build and reliability of the gun is good. I found the trigger box to be a little odd, if not too simple and trying to adjust the trigger was next to impossible. Initially my gun was not firing when I pulled the trigger. I found that one of the internal arms/levers that attaches to the trigger pull and controls the release catch was insufficient in length for its purpose. I thought perhaps that particular piece was defective but after comparing it with the diagram and measurements inside the user manual, I came to the conclusion that this may actually be a slight design flaw in the trigger box. After some very basic, minor modification it now fires like a dream. But for someone less knowledgable of airsoft tech this could pose a rather annoying problem to have and require a paid professional to fix the problem. Then again there is the possibility that I am completely wrong. And given my history with receiving faulty goods or being able to glitch tech and games like no other I am beginning to wonder if I accidentally have smashed one too many mirrors or walked under ladders through out my life time. Anyway, other than that tiny issue as I say, I am extremely happy with the service received and the over all quality of the rifle. I did not purchase the bundle including scope and bipod as I already have my own equipment. I would suggest if going for any rifle that to get a decent zero on an airsoft RIF you need to look for more than just an entry level optic. Many cheap scopes lack the range of adjustment necessary to achieve decent results and a good reliable grouping of shots on a target. I was testing a range of different weight bb's and found .28g with some small hop adjustment yielded the best results on a target at 60 meters where as heavier rounds seem to give the hopping unit some trouble which was a bit unexpected but not a problem. The stock spring in the rifle was clocked at 439fps on chrono at GZ. In addition I upgraded to the adjustable butt stock and cheek pad and also splashed out a little on the cosmetics with a lovely flash hider and finger molded pistol grip attachment for extra comfort. And lastly although my UKARA is currently expired and awaiting one more game for renewal, I am a registered british airsoft club (BAC) member so for stealth purposes on airsoft sites sprayed the gun creating a camo pattern. For other UKARA registered players looking to buy this gun an do the same (If you're not licenced, don't do this. It is a criminal offence.) The body of the gun is easily broken down into smaller pieces. Held together by two allen key screws at the bottom of the trigger guard and directly infront of the mag well. In addition the bipod mount acts as a third screw and fixes the front end of the body to the outer barrel. The barrel unscrews and completely detaches from the receiver of the rifle. Over all it is a lovely bit of kit and a solid and reliable rifle on the field. I can't wait to get it out again next weekend for my next skirmish!

Kyle Wren | East Sussex, UK | September 2017

Absolutely amazing gun, bought one from somewhere else in tan and it shoots perfectly.

430 FPS with .20g BB's

Really easy to upgrade

Highly recommended the Ares striker!

Luke | Essex | March 2017

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