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UK Two Tone Airsoft Sniper Rifles For Sale

We stock the most popular and powerful rifles for snipers, these can be delivered to you in a couple of days. Become the proud owner of a 450 FPS 3rd generation L96 that will enable you to hit moving targets and long ranges while staying hidden. The other popular platform is the VSR, both types have a range of accessories and upgrades available which are available to buy in our shop. All our guns can be purchased by anyone aged 18 or over and do not require UKARA registration as they are partially coloured green or blue, this ensures they are not confused with real firearms. Each product description will state if they are coloured during injection moulding or painted. The benefit with buying from this range is they have the exact same specification as a pro skirmishing RIF (realistic imitation firearm) except the external colour, so you're getting the same precision made full metal internals & power.  

Powerful, Bolt Action BB Sniper Rifles

Recent law changes have clarified that if a non-automatic rifle has a muzzle velocity over 2.5 joules (approx 520 FPS using 0.20g) then it may no longer be classed as a non-lethal item, fortunately as a responsible retailer we spot check our items to ensure that no sniper rifle is over 500 FPS, with most sitting at the 450 FPS mark. This policy means that there is a reasonable “buffer zone” before the legal limit.

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