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Scroll through the list below or choose a sub-category to browse the airsoft rifles for sale in our UK shop.  This comprehensive range of primary guns covers virtually every style of play. If you want to be a long range sniper or a run and shoot skirmisher you should find something suitable. These replicas are full sized and simulate the action of the real thing where possible, for example they hold their 6mm plastic pellets in the magazine, plus the trigger and safety mechanism act in a realistic way. 

2 Tone Airsoft Sniper and AEGs

As with all our stock they are partly brightly coloured, often referred to as “two-tone” this means they are legal to buy in the United Kingdom without a license. The change of colour means they are defined as a non-realistic imitation firearm. The rifles that we stock are below the maximum limit, this is now set at 1.3 joules / 370 FPS using 0.20g for a fully automatic and 2.5 joules / 520 FPS using 0.20g. 
If you're new to this hobby we recommend something based on the US armed forces M4, these have telescopic stocks to suit close range firefights while providing accurate fire at longer ranges, making them a great all rounder. If you want to specialise in hitting targets from longer ranges without being detected then view our high quality bolt action sniper rifles, these are manually powered by pulling back the handle. For indoor matches where moving through tight corridors without getting tangled up is a priory then try a SMG or AEG marked as suitable for CQB (close quarter combat). An extended explanation on the different types can be found here: 
One great thing about all these items mentioned is the fact that, apart from those with a shell ejection feature they are all suitable for either left or right handed players as there is no spent cartridge to eject out the side.
Each individual product's description will state if it's powered by spring (manually), battery or gas. By popular demand we have discounted bundles available that include the add-ons you need to get you blasting away in double quick time. 

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