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BB guns for less than many other shops

We have a interesting and varied range of BB guns for less than many other shops, all in United Kingdom legal colours and with a warranty. As one of the longest established airsoft companies (we started in 2005) you can be confident that we have something to suit your requirements.

Cheap Airsoft Pistols UK

In the UK it was determined that in order to avoid confusion with real pistols a prominent section of a replica should be brightly coloured or transparent. Our most popular colour is blue followed by orange. This still doesn't mean you can walk down the street waving one around, you must only brandish them where you have permission to do so and not in a way that would cause alarm to a bystander, most purchasers use them in their garden or at a skirmish site. When you transport them it's best to put them in a box or a dedicated gun case. Sites like Ebay and Amazon do not stock these items.

Our Airsoft BB guns are UK law compliant

These are the same high quality products that pro-airsofters use, the only difference is the two tone colouring. That means you don't have to buy twice if you gain permission to have a completely black replica via UKARA membership, just change the paint scheme.
As a good secondary for skirmishing, an automatic electronic pistol offers good flexibility for someone unfamiliar with the sport but wants a quality bit of kit. These will fire every time you pull the trigger, giving them an edge over manually powered springers. For the more experienced player a gas blow back has the most power and realism, although winter weather can vary velocity.  

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