Airsoft Magazines

Spare Magazines for your Airsoft Gun

Need a extra mag for your bb gun or airsoft rifle? We stock 60 different magazines in a wide range of types from the original manufacturers so you're bound to find one that is suitable. We make sure that we price check and send items promptly so you'll receive it quickly.
We stock high cap mags for AEGs, sniper & pistol spring mags plus gas & co2 mags for your GBB. Brands such as Cyma make magazines that fit in a range of guns, for example their M4 type works with virtually all TM compatible M4 AEGs.
We try to list what gun each mag is compatible with, so please check in the description of each product prior to ordering. Most commonly we source the same one that you got with your gun so it will fit without modification.
The simple construction of magazine means that if you keep them lubricated with a small amount of silicone oil they should be one of the most reliable items in your airsoft gear. If they sit externally or they are required to hold gas under pressure then they will be constructed mainly from steel. A spring loaded magazine that sits inside the grip will usually be made from hardened plastic.

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