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All our airsoft guns use 6mm plastic BB instead of bullets, the precise measurement of the ammo is around 5.95mm, all the various weights are the same size. We only stock high quality pellets that are suitable for standard and tight-bore barrels without issue. Using cheap unpolished versions will break your gun and invalidate its warranty. We make sure we only stock polished, burr free pellets that are calibrated to 3/100mm as a minimum. Generally the greater the power the heavier pellet you should use, for example most pro AEGs use 0.20g while sniper rifles use 0.30g.

BB Pellets

Great value brands such as BAW are precisely constructed to be as close to 6mm as possible so very little propellant escapes around the edges thus maximizing FPS and distributes the power more equally across the surface.

Biodegradable BBs UK

The biodegradable versions replace the standard plastic with a corn starch based bio-plastic, these won't fall apart when damp like the old stuff, instead they compost in damp soil over the course of approx 60 days just like a leaf. They still retain all the strength and performance as the non-bio type.
Eye protection should always be used while airsofting as the BB can hurt a bit, they cannot penetrate flesh but can leave a small red mark much like a sting from an elastic band.  

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