AEG Spares & Upgrades

Airsoft AEG Spare Parts UK

Genie Airsoft UK stocks a range of vital spare parts for your airsoft AEG. We stock replacement springs, metal gears and hop up buckings for your electric M4, AK or G36 plus many others. These internal parts are high quality and low priced with detailed descriptions so you can be sure you're ordering a compatible part.  

Airsoft AEG Upgrades

Improve your accuracy with Maple Leaf AEG upgrade hop up buckings, these silicone rubber parts are a significant improvement over the standard bucking. They will increase your effective range and shot grouping, simply choose one that matches the power of your airsoft AEG and they can be installed without modification. Our shop sells gearsets for type 2 and 3 airsoft gearboxes, these gears are made from a high quality steel with the original gear ratios, so they will fit straight in without the need to change the motor or wiring.

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