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In stock are spare mags for your Airsoft AEG at the lowest prices. We have the high capacity type, these typically hold 300 to 500 pellets and use a wind up mechanism to feed rounds into the firing chamber / hop up unit, as a round is fired the next round is pushed into position by the clockwork mechanism, it's then wound up again by turning a wheel located on the base of the spare clip. Each time this is done it puts around 40 BB under tension, ready to fire so you can simply repeat this process until the main reservoir is empty. The second most common type are flash mags, these use a pull chord and a much larger mechanism that can automatically load every round in the reservoir without stopping. This is great for people who want to keep the trigger held down, not realistic but firing 300 rounds without stopping is allot of fun.  

Airsoft M4 Magazine UK

If you have a M4, M15, M16 or an AEG based on that platform such as MK16 or L85A2 then browse our range of replica STANAG compatible mags. Just like the real steel counterpart the STANAG airsoft interface is set of standardised dimensions for the magwell and components such as the magazine release latch so everything lines up correctly. Major brands like Tokyo Marui use this specification so if you have M4 type rifle that is listed as a TM clone or TM compatible then you can use these mags. This incompatibility between brands and rifles means even if you're out of clips at a skirmish your team mate will likely have a suitable one.

G&G Airsoft Mag

Official G&G M4 magazines are one of the best magazines available, our price on these is cheap compared to other shops. These are same solid, reliable mags that are included with their ever popular CM16 and Firehawk, I don't recall ever hearing about one failing. Can you tell we are fans of G&G mags?

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