Abbey 144a Predator Maintenance Airsoft Gas


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For new and old guns, maintains top performance of internal seals

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About This Product

Abbey maintenance gas, in the words of the manufacturer it "Brings guns back from the dead" more precisely if you have a gun that not been fired in ages or at all the special UPL formulation will revitalise the o-rings that may not be sealing satisfactorily, which may save the need to physically replace seals. Valve o-rings have a tough life, they are frequently frozen and put under high compression so why not help them out by filling up with Abbey Predator Maintenance 144a Gas now and then to keep your gun in peak condition for longer.
If you're asking; 144a gas vs 134a? Then see 144a as an improved, more environmentally friendly update that gives the same power. 144a airsoft gas produces lower power than green gas and has been especially formulated to use in warm weather.  

  • 20cm tall metal canister, 270ml
  • Rejuvenates and helps protects o-rings from leaks
  • Ideal formula to use with guns that not been fired for a long time 
  • Use every 10 mags to maintain top performance
  • Recommended guns that use 134a gas & warm conditions
  • CFC free formula that prevents rust and corrosion
  • Standard nozzle and protective dust cap
  • Contains unique UPL silicone lubricant to protect valve seals
  • Suitable for both metal and plastic slides & indoor CQB games
  • Not available to Northern Ireland 

Abbey Gun Solutions are the industry leaders in specialist lubricants for airsoft guns. Geniestuff is a online retailer where you can buy this product using PayPal or credit card. We offer fast delivery. We aim to supply you with your item within 2 working days although this can take slightly longer depending on your location. E&OE.

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