2-Tone AEGs

UK Two Tone Airsoft AEG Rifles For Sale

We have selected the best two tone automatic electric guns (AEG's) from established manufacturers such as Ares, G&G, Cyma & Classic Army all with free Parcel Force delivery. These have metal gearboxes and mainly metal internals, they are competition spec and are the same as the primary guns you see at a skirmish except the colour. They are powered by the compact batteries that were originally made for high end R/C cars and use steel gearing and a piston to create the powerful air compression that gives each shot a consistently powerful velocity, even when firing full automatic (trust us, going full auto/full pew pew is the most fun).  

Airsoft CQB Guns UK

Due to the popularity of close quarter combat arenas in the United Kingdom this type of BB gun is very common. Our shop stocks the G&G Firehawk that always receives good reviews as it was designed with CQB in mind and retains the tough combat machine gearbox from their larger rifles. We stock others that have a folding stock such as the JG G36 and the Classic Army MK16.

Airsoft M4 UK

By far the most popular, primary weapon platform, we stock the standard full metal M4 airsoft gun right the way down to MK22 which was designed as the next evolutionary step for the M4/M16 class. The benefit in choosing one from this type even if you're a beginner, intermediate or pro player is that they all use gearboxes that have the type 2 layout and feature the STANAG magwell, this means upgrades and spare mags are easy to obtain and we stock a variety of these at low prices.

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