0.25g 6mm Pellets

0.25g BB For Sale – 6mm Airsoft Gun Ammo

0.25g is the same size as the standard 0.20g airsoft pellet used by most AEGs, rifles and pistols. factors like air resistance and cross winds effect trajectory, the heavier the BB the less these factors effect accuracy before the BB reaches the target. We only stock 0.25g airsoft BB from leading companies such as G&G and Ares, these are produced using an extremely precise method that results in a perfectly spherical, polished and burr free pellet. We price check so our prices are always low. With no imperfections to catch the air, the 0.25g BB we sell is ideal for your next skirmish match.

Biodegradable BB, 0.25g Biosphere Bulk Buy

Grab our discounted bulk buy cartons of biodegradable 0.25g BB, made from refined corn starch, they are just as tough as the plastic version. Being made from a bioplastic (a biodegradable substance that shares some of the properties of plastic) they are only broken down by microbes in soil after around 2 months and don't fall apart if exposed to moisture. Buy in our online shop today.

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