0.20g 6mm Pellets

0.20g BB Pellets for Airsoft Guns, Ultra Grade Ammo at a Great Price

For sale, ultra grade 0.20g 6mm airsoft BB from the best manufacturers such as G&G PSBP, Ares, Bulldog and BAW. If you want to buy precision made 0.20g airsoft balls that will result in better accuracy and less wear on your pistol or rifle then look no further. We only stock the best ammo, which is made to a exact size of 5.95mm, this means that you may even increase your airsoft guns FPS as little compressed air escapes around the sides of the pellet. This is particularly noticeable with tight-bore barrels.

Cheap 0.20g BB pellets UK for AEGs, Airsoft Shotguns and GBB pistols

0.20g BB is the standard weight for airsoft skirmishing, so there are plenty of options to choose from, although every weight of pellet is made to fit into a 6mm airsoft rifle, there are variations in terms of material (plastic or biodegradable), packet size (2000 to a 10,000 bulk buy) and colour (white or blue). We sell all of these options at a low price so you will find the 0.20g ammo you want with fast UK dispatch.

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