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It's the time of year for sale & we've got loads of items on offer. Airsofting is a rapidly growing hobby that is great for meeting new people and improving your shooting skills. Just like paintball but 6mm plastic balls are used instead, so no mess. Genie Stuff has been successfully trading 2005. Check out our select range of two tone items in our online UK Airsoft shop, where you can buy pro two tone softair BB guns, shotguns, rifles, AEGs and accessories at cheap prices.
For peace of mind our 2tone products comply with VCRA regulations and are not classed as air weapons, you do not need a licence or UKARA membership to purchase them.
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An Introduction to Airsoft

Broadly speaking the sport of softair skirmishing (most commonly referred to as airsofting) is a less messy, less painful version of paintball. Rather than firing large projectiles filled with paint, 6mm plastic BB is used as ammunition. Originally developed in Japan in the 1980's, word of this exiting new sport rapidly spread and it became popular throughout the world. Much of the manufacturing and innovations still come from Asia, particularly from companies such as Tokyo Marui.
 Played outdoors or indoors with lower powered guns these matches comprise of two teams that complete in variety of challenges such as capture the oppositions flag or protect a (often unarmed) team mate for the longest period of time (VIP). These games are enormous fun where you will use your skills to out manoeuvre and out shoot the opposition plus its great exercise. Just remember, get shot once and you're out for that round, call your hits.
The variety of replica weaponry available is vast from 450 fps sniper rifles to 200 fps electric pistols (EAPs). Depending on your style of play you can get up close using a close quarter combat (CQB) gun such as an UZI or lay down hundreds of rounds of suppressing fire using a electric M249 support gun (we go into more detail on the different types soft-air guns available on our FAQ page). Skirmish sites will have their own rules regarding power limits. As a general rule of thumb guns with a power around 330 fps are fine to use, rifles with a power nearer 450 fps are likely to have restrictions in place such as no shooting at targets less than 10 metres away. There is a lower powered range available designed principally for back yard battles, these budget items are also great for practising and simple garden target shooting.
Airsoft guns are often mistakenly compared to air rifles, however they fall well below that power classification and are not capable of shooting into flesh, they cannot fire the same ammo and cannot be used for pest control. Nor is it possible to convert them to fire live ammunition, no components are interchangeable with real firearms. Besides the fact that it would be a short lived hobby if every time someone was hit with a plastic 6mm ball at a skirmish they received a painful injury.
Like all physical hobbies common sense is a must, put on goggles whenever you are around a BB gun even if you believe it to be unloaded. Do not brandish these items in public place where a passer-by may mistake it for a real firearm.