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The Trusted UK Shop for 2-Tone Airsoft Guns

We are a UK based airsoft shop, check out our Autumn 2021 sale on a whole range of 2-tone BB guns, rifles and airsoft equipment. Free delivery on orders over £100. Airsofting is a rapidly growing hobby that can be played in different styles such as MILSIM and speedsoft. Just like paintball but 6mm plastic balls are used as ammo by airsoft bb guns, so no mess. Genie Stuff has been successfully trading since 2005. Check out our select range of two tone items in our online UK Airsoft shop, where you can buy pro two tone softair BB guns, shotguns, rifles, AEGs and accessories at cheap prices. For peace of mind our 2tone products comply with VCRA regulations and are not classed as air weapons, you do not need a license or UKARA membership to purchase them.