Warrior L96 MB01 V3 Airsoft Sniper Rifle with 3-9x40 Scope & Metal Bipod

New and improved for 2016, this is the generation 3 based on the Maruzen L96. This airsoft sniper rifle is very accurate and very solid
Stock Status: In Stock
Product Brand: WELL
Product Code: MB01BDL


Update 2: We are selling the latest version 3, that has a green camo swirl finish injection moulded into the stock during manufacture (see the thumbnail pic on the right) this is a big improvement on the older versions which were painted green. The packaging has also been improved.

Update 1: It has now been confirmed, the L96 MB-01 is the only version of the L96 airsoft rifle to be 100% compatible with Maruzen APS parts and upgrades.

To bring the power up from 330 FPS to 450 FPS simply unscrew the restrictor (takes 1 minute, we include clear instructions) this will give you an effective range of 80 metres plus. We recommend checking with your local airsoft site as they may have restrictions on sniper rifles over a certain power.
This item is of a professional spec, you're unlikely to need a more expensive sniper rifle after you have this one. The internals are precision made and are almost all metal with a CNC lathed brass internal barrel. The upper receiver, top rail, weaver bipod mount and outer barrel is metal with the stock constructed from ABS resin. The bolt action is smooth and fairly silent, the bolt action and other moving parts are reassuringly chunky this contributes to L96 near 4 kg weight which is nearly as much as the real thing.
The unique shape of this two tone rifle is designed to be ergonomic to hold, the rubber butt plates make it comfortable to pull back the cocking action and to fire. 
We have noticed that to start with there maybe allot of grease in the barrel so give it a good clean out (set the hop up to open/none) and occasionally applying a drop of silicone oil to the magazine and firing chamber will improve the accuracy dramatically.
This is the latest version with all the upgrades of the older versions plus it now has a fully VCRA compliant injection molded "camo swirl" style finish, great for blending into your environment a bit more.
This version of the Warrior L96 MB-01 includes a good quality metal 3-9x40 scope with metal weaver mounts and a metal bipod which has fold back legs, all of this can be put together in around 10 minutes. All you need for sniping greatness.
Third party review on YouTube

WARNING: This item is only available to persons aged 18 and over. It is a criminal offence for a person under the age of 18 to attempt to purchase

  • 330 fps & 450 fps using 0.20g BB
  • Pinpoint accuracy
  • 80 metre range
  • Metal bolt action, internals and barrel assembly
  • Antishock ABS resin body
  • Precision CNC lathed brass inner barrel
  • 110 cm long
  • Weighs 5 KG with scope and metal bipod
  • Metal weaver rails (20mm wide)
  • Magazine holds 22 BB
  • Use high quality BB (0.30g recommended)
  • Adjustable Hop up system for extra range
  • Safety catch
  • Cock the bolt action to ready for firing
  • Adjustable cheek rest rubber
  • Premium version - manufactured by WELL

Accessories included:
  • 3-9x40 adjustable scope
  • Metal scope mounts
  • Metal adjustable bipod
  • Rifle sling
  • Barrel cleaning rod
  • Mechanical speed loader
  • Includes 100BB pellets (approx)
  • Instruction leaflet
**Use only ultra grade BBs with this item, 0.30g BB recommended**
This two tone item complies fully with VCR regulations, this item is not classed as a air weapon and you do not need a licence to purchase it, however you must be aged 18 or over. Geniestuff is a online retailer where you can buy a Airsoft gun or airsoft pistol items. Our online store supplies pellets, targets and other essential air soft items. Our website based store has a range of electric airsoft gun and airsoft sniper gun at cheap prices to the UK United kingdom, England. Airsoft or air-soft guns use plastic 6mm bb pellets as ammunition. We offer fast delivery. We aim to supply you with your item within 2 working days. E&OE


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Pete - 3 Stars

hi Guys. bought this gun last week and the performance seemd really low and i couldnt work out why. only after i watched this youtube clip https://youtu.be/MbNq71GVYHU i thought i would try it and the difference is UNBELIEVABLE> fires much 'truer' then before. the regulator was hampering performance LOTS . i standard thing now on all UK/Asia import L96 MB-01 rifles....... only reason why i gave it 3 star. now fixed i would give 4-5 star Staff - Sounds like they are fitting the power restrictor to the V3 rifles now. It's a simple job to unscrew it and we'll include instructions. Thanks for letting us know.

Mr Smith - UK 5 Stars

Fantastic product and rapid service. product came extremely quickly and was in the exact condition advertised. Rifle: well built, sturdy, decent power, easy to assemble in the few components it comes in. Excellent starter sniper. Scope: excellent condition and very easy to attach to the rifle. Bipod: standard really, nothing to complain about nothing to shout about either. Mag: slow to reload and you spill a few bb's while loading if your trying to go fast, slots in the rifle easily and is easy to remove. Cleaning rod: fits the barrel, so does its job. Speed loader: does its job, the adaptive attachment so you can reload sometimes comes off but not an issue in all honesty. 0.3g are a must if you actually want to hit anything with the rifle, but very accurate with 0.3 or 0.4g.

Jamie s - UK 4 Stars

The only reason why its not 5 stars is because the bipod screw was broken! Luckely I had a spare screw from my mountain bike. Apart from that the sniper is very good and so is the scope.

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